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Textbook, Materials, and other Resources

Recommended Textbook:

Easy Spanish Step-by-Step or Complete Spanish Step-by-Step by Barbara Bregstein, or borrow digital book


Textbook audio files and flashcards:

McGraw Hill Language Lab (Select Spanish, then above textbook)


Spanish Alphabet and Pronunciation:

Video guide



Irregular Verb Chart

Sample Dialogs

Listening & Responding Exercise

"Gratitud" by Fonseca lyrics

Numbers and Time

Conversation Q&A (Wk. 2)

Classroom Survival Phrases

Basic Phrases

Online Dictionary (examples, lessons, audio):


Beginner Podcasts:

There are so many great beginner podcasts, but below are a few of my favorites!

Spanish Obsessed

Coffee Break Spanish

Latin ELE (Host Marco is Chilean and was interviewed on my Business Spanish Podcast)

Notes In Spanish


Power Point Slides
Class Video Recordings

Week 5 class (watch parts 1 and 2)

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