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Semana (Week) 1

¡Bienvenidos, amigos! I'm so excited to partner with WSU Tech and help you discover the beautiful Spanish language and Hispanic cultures.  It was such a pleasure to meet you, and I'm looking forward to working and learning together these next seven weeks.

In our first class, we learned about the importance of Spanish around the world and in our hometown. We discussed how, in learning any language, it's critical that you take some time each day (outside of class) to study grammar, practice speaking and listening, and immerse yourself in the language. Watch TV, listen to podcasts and the radio, practice with your Spanish-speaking friends and co-workers, read a children's libro, sing along with your favorite cantante latino.

We learned how to introduce ourself and express why we're learning Spanish. We studied the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes in Spanish, and practiced reading sample words. Finally, we practiced some common phrases such as greetings, responses, polite expressions, and other useful phrases.

Next week we will discuss the elements that constitute a sentence and learn about Spanish nouns and adjectives.  We'll learn new phrases and question words to build our conversation skills.

For homework, study Chapter 1 of your textbook and try to work through the exercises. Don't forget to listen and imitate the audio as well!  Links to the digital book, the handouts, class recordings, podcasts, and many other resources can be found here.  Listen to some of the beginner podcasts I recommend, or find one of your own! Start tuning your ear to spoken Spanish, repeat what you hear, and listen for words you know.  Consistency is key!

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