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Business Spanish: Morning Zen: Adrián of Panamá

Today we interview a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and book author from Panamá. Our guest Adrián tells us about his new book Morning Zen, which will help you empower your life by transforming your mornings. He also explains why his country is such an attractive location for expats and international corporations, and gives us some tips for starting our day with our best foot forward.

Section 1:

Adrián introduces himself. He is from Panama, holds an MBA, and has worked for multinational companies at home and overseas. He recently published a book that helps business professionals and entrepreneurs prepare for the busy workday ahead. After studying and working in other countries, he returned to Panama and launched his own companies in the marketing, events, and uniforms business. Recently, he has focused on promoting his book and his coaching and consulting business. He wants to share his morning routine with other busy professionals.

Adrián’s book is called Morning Zen and promotes healthy morning habits to prepare for the busy day ahead. The advice he shares in this book grew out of his own learning experience as a busy professional, where he discovered that rising a little earlier in the day and focusing on a morning routine to take care of himself first gave him clarity of mind and strength of body, which resulted in greater productivity and better mood. He gives us eleven morning habits that focus on promoting a positive attitude, good health, and personal goals. He started sharing this advice through his coaching business during the pandemic because he noted his clients seemed more anxious and stressed. He received great feedback and people suggested that he write a book about his method.

Section 2:

In this section, Adrián explains to us why Panama has become such an important center of trade and commerce in the America. Because of its strategic location between North and South America, and with the Panama Canal that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, many large international companies are drawn to set up operations in this country. Several corporations enjoy tax advantages in the country, and often choose this location for their Latin American headquarters. Many expats are also attracted by its beautiful climate, and Adrian also shares that the country welcomes and extends visas to foreign remote workers. He invites the listeners of our podcast to spend some time in Panama to work remotely, practice your Spanish, and make business connections!

Section 3:

In this final section, Adrián gives us a few tips from his book that he considers to be essential to our morning routine. First, he recommends training ourselves to rise from sleep without an alarm clock. Secondly, we should drink something nutritious that will help wake our body up and get our digestive system and circulation flowing. Next, he suggests we take a few moments to meditate—to clear our minds of all thoughts and concerns and to be silent. Finally, Adrián advises we take a look at our agenda to remind ourselves of our meetings and commitments for the day, which will help us to set an action plan for each day. #LearnSpanish #BusinessSpanish #SpanishPodcast #Panama #MorningZen #RutinaMatutina #PanamanianSpanish #AlcanzabalaInternational

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