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Business Spanish: Bilingüística: Soledad from Argentina

Spanish vocabulary from today's episode La escolaridad: schooling, education

La docencia: teaching (profession)

El docente, la docente: teacher

El postítulo: graduate degree

La danza: dancing, dance (art) [el baile: dance, as in an event]

Bailarín, bailarina: dancer (not only ballerina) A raíz de: as a result of “a raíz de la pandemia…”

Lograr: to achieve, to attain

Hoy por hoy: at the present time, right now

Ejercer: to exercise, to practice (a profession) “puedo ejercer la traducción pública a distancia” I can practice/do certified translations remotely”

La firma digital: digital signature, digital certification (in this context)

El/la nómade: nomad (also el/la nómada)

El corto plazo: short-term

De forma virtual: virtually

Clases presenciales: in-person classes

Clases grupales: group classes

Talleres: workshops

Pochoclos: popcorn (palomitas, rosetas, rositas, etc.) What other words do you know for popcorn?

Grilla: scheduling “manejo mi grilla en este momento” El perfil: profile

Probar: to try, to try out (a food, a method, etc.)

El nivel: level, standard (of skill)

El lenguaje corporal: body language

Las señas: signs, gestures (la lengua de señas: sign language)

Desde cero: from zero, from nothing

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